Automata-ai: Cross-Media Content Integration Assistant

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What is Automata-ai?

Automata-ai can help marketers reorganize previous article content and publish organized content on different channels. It has a dedicated extension in Chrome, and users can create AI-assisted robots for LinkedIn posts and content creation. AI can convert any content into blogs, article introductions, content outlines, real-time newsletters, etc. in one workflow.

Price: paid
Tag: AI Marketing
Release time: None
Developer(s): Automata-ai

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Automata-ai Functions

  • Extract information from individual article content into complete blogs, article profiles, synopses, LinkedIn posts, newsletters, and more
  • Intelligently reuse and recycle information from every used content, recreate high-quality content and intelligently publish to various platforms
  • Not only can you forward content links in social networking sites, but you can also add various ideas and ideas that have been written by AI to the content of the article
  • Extract key information points from PDF and video files, write articles and display them where the audience cares most

Automata-ai APP

There is no mobile app yet, only the web version. If you are interested in Automata-ai, you can go to the Automata-ai website to experience its powerful functions.

Automata-ai Pricing






$39 / month

$99 / month

Starting at $189 / month


  • 50 Repurposed Pieces of Content  
  •  Unlimited LinkedIn posts with the AI-powered Chrome Extension
  •  Upload from link, YouTube, and file upload  
  •  All Output Formats  
  •  Content Repurposing Templates
  •  Full-length articles, outlines, article briefs, and more
  •  Multiple Languages
  • Everything in Individual
  •  Full Content Audit
  •  Custom Creator Knowledge Base
  • This includes:Blog posts
  • YouTube videos
  • Twitter & LinkedIn posts
  • (3) Long-form content items (ex. books)
  •  Multi-source Repurposing
  • + $39/month per additional user
  •  Everything in Individual
  •  Full Content Audit
  •  Custom Brand Knowledge Base
  • This includes: Blog posts
  • YouTube videos
  • Twitter & LinkedIn posts
  • (5) Long-form content items (ex. books)
  • PDFs
  • Full website index
  • Internal documentation
  •  Multi-source Repurposing


What is content reuse?

Content repurposing is the process of reusing and repackaging existing content for multiple channels and platforms.

What is content distribution?

Content distribution is the process of promoting a marketing asset across multiple channels, such as social, email, and more.

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