AI Alfred: A convenient article summary tool

What is AI Alfred?

AI Alfred is an AI tool that can summarize the content of articles with one click. AI Alfred is simple to use, but powerful, and can help users summarize key information of various content such as web articles and PDF articles. And AI Alfred also supports users to summarize, share and edit the summarized content. AI Alfred also supports multiple languages, allowing non-English-speaking users to quickly get a perfect summary of the content of non-English articles. AI Alfred is a convenient AI tool for users to browse articles.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI summarize
Release time: Unknown
Developer(s): theaialfred

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AI Alfred Function

  • Content summary: AI Alfred can help users summarize the important content of the article
  • Quick summary: AI Alfred can summarize the content with just one click, easy to operate and easy to use
  • Support different text types: AI Alfred can support various types of content such as web articles and PDFs
  • Multiple languages: AI Alfred can support the use of multiple languages

AI Alfred App

AI Alfred currently only provides a web version, allowing users to use it online. Users can go to the official website of AI Alfred for more information.

AI Alfred Pricing

AI Alfred provides both free use and paid services, as shown in the following table:












  • 15 summaries (tokens)per month
  • 10saved summaries
  • Multiple LanguageSummaries
  • 50 summaries (tokens)per month
  • 100 saved summaries
  • Multiple LanguageSummaries
  • 250 summaries(tokens) per month
  • 500 saved summaries
  • Priority Team Support
  • Multiple LanguageSummaries
  • 1000 summaries(tokens) per month
  • 1000 saved summaries
  • Priority Team Support
  • Multiple LanguageSummaries


Can l save the summaries?

Yes, you can save the content summarized by AI Alfred yourself.

Can l edit the output (summary)?

Of course, feel free to edit what AI Alfred summarizes.

Is AI Alfred free?

Of course, AI Alfred provides free access to.

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