xMagic: Smart file Management Assistant

What is xMagic?

xMagic is an AI tool that helps users manage and analyze files. Users can upload files such as PDFs and TXTs to xMagic for storage. xMagic reads, analyzes, and organizes the uploaded files to build a knowledge base. Users can ask xMagic any questions about their files. xMagic’s purpose is to make users’ files more intelligent and interactive, making it easier and simpler for them to manage and analyze their files. It is not just a search tool, but a powerful AI.

Price: Free
Tag: AI file assistant

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xMagic Functions

  • Online storage: xMagic can store your uploaded files online.
  • Build a knowledge base: build a knowledge base with the contents of the files you upload.
  • Analysis and answer: can analyze your uploaded content and answer your questions.
  • Quick reply: xMagic can quickly reply to your questions.
  • Support multiple file upload: you can upload multiple files in xMagic.

xMagic App

xMagic currently does not have a mobile app, it provides a web version for online use, if you are interested in it, you can go to the official website to learn more.

xMagic Pricing

xMagic is free, any user can use it for free.


Can I delete my PDFs anytime?

Yes, you can delete your uploaded files at any time

ls there a limit to the number of questions I can ask?

You can ask unlimited questions.

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