Vowel: Take Meetings Out of the Dark Ages

What is Vowel?

Vowel is a production tool that automatically records meetings with AI. It helps users save time on admin work and effectively improves users’ work efficiency by generating records and summaries in meetings in real time. If you are still worried about missing the key points of the meeting, Vowel will be your best helper.

Price: Free or starting $16.49/mo
Tag: AI Meeting Recorder
Release Time: 2018
Developers: Vowel Inc.
Users: 78.4K

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Features of Vowel

  • Automatic Meeting Recording: Vowel will automatically record the meeting without you taking notes manually.
  • Real-time transcription: Vowel offers real-time transcription of meetings, allowing you to easily review specific parts of a conversation.
  • AI-powered meeting summaries: Helps you review meeting content easily, allowing you to catch up on missed meeting content in seconds.
  • Searchable conference archives: You can easily search conference archives by keyword, speaker or date.
  • Sharing: Vowel will help you gather all your meeting data in one place, making it easy for you to work. You can also share these data with external partners, share recordings immediately after the meeting, and improve collaboration between teams.
  • Unlimited Folders: Folders provided by Vowel help you classify and organize your meetings more clearly. Moreover, you can create an unlimited number of Folders and add multiple team members to each Folder. Vowel allows each member in the Folder to access the meetings inside.

How to use Vowel?

  • Visit the Vowel official website and click “Log in” in the upper right to login your account.
  • You can follow the on-screen instructions to complete “Connect Google Calendar, Watch the magic of Vowel, Try it out, Add Vowel to a meeting”, which will give you an overview of how Vowel works.
  • Once you’re done, you can schedule a meeting or join an existing meeting through your communications platform.
  • Vowel automatically records and transcribes your meeting during your meeting.
  • After the meeting, Vowel will generate a summary of the conversation, including Overview, Notes, Transcript and Split View.

How to login Vowel account?

  1. Visit the Vowel official website and click “Log in” in the upper right.
  2. Click “Sign in with Google” and enter your email address or phone number.
  3. Click “Next” and then click “Get started” to start using.
  4. If you haven’t registered an account yet, click “Try Vowel for free” on the homepage.
  5. Click “Join with Google”, enter your email address or phone number, and click “Next” to complete registration and login.

In addition, if you have already logged into your Google account, you don’t need to enter your email address or phone number again, just click on your Google account to enter.

Vowel Pricing







$19.99/mo/member billed monthly or $16.49/mo/member billed annually

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  • Record and transcribe all your meetings,
  • Host meetings for up to 40 minutes each,
  • Rewatch and search through past meetings for 7 days after recording,
  • Host up to 12 participants per meeting,
  • Basic integrations (Slack, Google, Calendly),
  • All of Vowel's collaboration features: Shared notes, agendas, action items, screen sharing, custom emoji, and so much more

Everything in Free plus:

  • No time limit on meetings,
  • Rewatch and search through past meetings forever,
  • Host up to 50 participants per meeting,
  • AI-powered summaries,
  • Advanced transcription,
  • Non-English transcription languages,
  • Dial-in,
  • Download videos,
  • Custom URL,
  • Priority support,
  • (Coming soon) Advanced integrations,
  • Meeting guests are always free

Coming Soon

Vowel Advantages

  • Save time: With Vowel’s automatic meeting summary function, users don’t need to manually take notes and summaries, which greatly saves their time, and users can focus on the meeting itself and let Vowel write down important information.
  • Increased productivity: By providing accurate and comprehensive meeting summaries, Vowel ensures that team members have a clear understanding of action items and decisions made during meetings, greatly increasing their productivity.
  • Continuous Improvement: Vowel values users’ feedback and continuously improves its machine learning models with feedback, improving the accuracy of transcriptions and summaries.


Do I need an account to use Vowel?

Unnecessary. If you are invited to a Vowel meeting by others, you do not need to create an account to join the meeting.

Can I try Vowel for free?

Yes, all users can try the Business plan for free for 30 days. After 30 days, you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan or stick with the free plan.

Can I invite people who don't have a Vowel account to a Vowel meeting?

Yes, anyone can join a meeting if you send them the Vowel meeting link or include it in a calendar invitation. Please note that you need a Vowel account to create and host meetings on Vowel.

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