TestBox: Powerful and Convenient B2B Testing Tool

What is TestBox?

TestBox is a modern web application testing framework that helps developers or businesses to write and run automated test cases quickly and easily. It provides an easy-to-use test framework, supports multiple programming languages and test frameworks, enables developers to quickly locate and solve problems, and improves test efficiency and test quality. TestBox also provides rich test reports and visualization functions to help developers better understand test results and optimize tests. In addition, TestBox is also highly extensible, and new test cases and test modules can be easily added. Whether you are an individual developer or a large enterprise, TestBox is a very useful testing tool.

Price: Free or starting
Tags: AI test tool
Release Time: 2020
Developers: TestBox

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TestBox Features

  • Comprehensive testing capabilities: TestBox supports a variety of testing types, including unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, end-to-end testing, and more.
  • Rich test reports: TestBox provides rich test reports and visualization functions to help developers quickly locate and solve problems.
  • Highly Extensible: TestBox is designed to be highly extensible, and new test cases and test modules can be easily added.
  • Multilingual support: TestBox supports multiple programming languages, including ColdFusion, JavaScript, Java, and more.
  • Easy to use: TestBox has an intuitive test syntax and easy-to-learn documentation, allowing test developers to get started quickly.
  • Flexibility: TestBox can be customized through various configuration options to meet various testing needs.
  • Support for continuous integration: TestBox supports continuous integration and can be used in automated testing processes to ensure code quality and stability.
  • Open source and free: TestBox is an open source project, free to use and modify, and users have free access to its code base and community support.

TestBox Functions

  • Interactive presentations: TestBox offers a whole new way to present your products. With TestBox’s interactive demos, you can let users test your products in real-time and experience all their features without leaving their browsers.
  • Real-time collaboration: TestBox allows you to collaborate with your team in real-time to solve problems faster and improve your product. You can share presentations with other users so they can provide feedback and comments.
  • Custom Branding: TestBox allows you to fully customize your demo to match your branding. You can upload your logo, choose a color scheme and customize fonts so your demo looks the same as your website or product.
  • Data Analysis: TestBox provides a range of analysis tools to help you understand how your demo is being used. You can view detailed data on demo views, dwell time, bounce rate, and more to optimize your demos and increase conversions.
  • Security: TestBox offers multiple layers of security to ensure your demos and data are protected. Includes SSL encryption, IP restrictions, SSO integration, and more.
  • API Integration: TestBox provides API integration that allows you to integrate TestBox with other tools for better management of your demos and data. You can use the API to automate tasks such as demo creation and demo updates.
  • UI Testing: TestBox can perform UI testing for web and mobile applications, including automated and manual testing.

TestBox Register

  1. Enter the TestBox, click sign in in the upper right corner of the page
  2. Click below to register account
  3. Type your email and password
  4. After successful registration, you can return to the website to log in and use it

TestBox Price

TestBox is an open-source software testing framework that does not charge any fees. However, TestBox also offers commercial support and consulting services, which include features such as interactive product demos used by marketing and sales teams. These functions are paid, and the price varies according to different service levels and frequency of use.


For Marketing Teams

For Sales Teams

For B2B Companies


$1,000 / month


$2,250 / month

20% Revenue Share


  • Generate more trials and leads by embedding interactive product demos on both your website and review sites like G2 and TrustRadius.
  • Includes unlimited activations
  • Close deals faster and with higher win rates by sending personalized, interactive product demos to leads so they can see your product in action.
  • Includes 25 activations per month

Add your product to TestBox’s marketplace to capture prospects who are in the market for and actively evaluating software in your category.

Among them, different customer service and support software have different prices for the charging items of each software. For details, please enter TestBox to view


Does TestBox support mobile application testing?

Yes, TestBox supports mobile application testing and provides rich mobile testing features and support.

Does TestBox support cloud testing?

Yes, TestBox supports cloud testing and provides integration with multiple cloud testing platforms, including Sauce Labs and BrowserStack, etc.

Does TestBox support continuous integration and continuous delivery?

Yes, TestBox supports continuous integration and continuous delivery, and provides integration with multiple continuous integration and continuous delivery tools, including Jenkins and Travis CI, etc.

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