Summarizer: AI Online Summarizing for Free

What is Summarizer?

Summarizer is an artificial intelligence-based online text summarization tool developed by the Summarizer team. It understands text and detects the best matching sentence from a paragraph, extracts key sentences and phrases, and then summarizes the content. Compared with similar products, it supports summary text download and is completely free.

Price: Free
Tag: AI Summarizing
Release time: Unknown
Developer: Summarizer

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Summarizer Features

  • Intelligently recognize and retain all the main points contained in the original text
  • Support 6 different languages
  • Support for generating summaries for different text types
  • Support word count control and word count check
  • Support summary text copy and download

Summarizer Pricing

Summarizer is totally free for users.

How to Login in Summarizer?

Summarizer is a free site for everyone to use summarization without logging in.

How to Use Summarizer?

  1. Click to visit the Summarizer website.
  2. Type text in the input box, or click Browser File to upload a file.
  3. After uploading the text, click Summarize Now to view the summarized text.
  4. Click the options below the summary text to copy or download the text.

Summarizer Reviews

Kat Halls: Free, free-to-use Summarizer. Thanks to the developer team.

Lanie Stones: There is no better summarization tool for students.

James Roings: Summarizer’s URL interface has some ads, but that doesn’t detract from its excellent functionality.


How Does This Summarizing Tool Work?

Our summarization tool uses an AI-based algorithm that selects the core concept sentences that best match the text, and then summarizes the text based on its main concepts.

Is Summarizer safe?

We promise not to store any user data.


Is Summarizer really free?

This is a completely free summarization tool with no word limit and no daily time limit.


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