Ready Player Me: Intelligent Avatar Creation Software

What is Ready Player Me?

Ready Player Me is a software created by Avatar Creator in 2022 to help players use generative AI to make their own avatar clothing. It can digitally present any style and fashion that users want, and build their favorite character style. And Ready Player Me Labs will be freely available to the public and will serve as a testing platform before releasing new features to platform users. The software is working hard to create new points of interest and add variety, including AI-based avatar stylization, neutral body types, diverse body types, and age preset options.

Price: Starting $99
Tag: Intelligent avatar creation software
Release time: 2022
Developer(s): Avatar Creator

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Ready Player Me Functions

  • Intelligent creation: Ready Player Me allows users to fabricate and create characters according to their own preferences, and try different styles.
  • Convenience and fun: different styles of characters can be created, and styles, clothing, etc. can be changed at any time

Ready Player Me App

Currently Ready Player Me provides a web version for users to use online. You can go to the Ready Player Me website and create avatars.

Ready Player Me Pricing


Super Early Bird

Early Bird


Ultimate VIP Pass-in-person & Virtual




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Is Ready Player Me really fun?

Ready Player Me is really interesting. You can create characters according to the style you want. I have made many characters that I like. It is really fun and recommended.

Is there a limit to creating characters in Ready Player Me?

No, with Ready Player Me you can create any character you like, and there are many costumes that can be switched at will.

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