Mymind: An Ai Bookmarking Tool That Pays Great Attention To Privacy And Security

What is Mymind?

Mymind is a bookmark tool that pays great attention to private experience. It can make all your bookmarks organized. AI will automatically analyze and label web pages, photos, videos, links, PDFs, notes, articles, etc., which is convenient for users in the future You can easily find the corresponding content only by entering keywords. Mymind does not have a classification system such as folders, so users don’t need to waste time summarizing the content. And Mymind also has no social functions, collaboration, tracking or advertising, so users’ privacy and security can be fully trusted.

Price: Starting free
Tag: Self-Improvement
Release time: Unknown
Developer(s): Mymind

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Mymind Functions

  • Absolutely private system, no advertising, social, collaboration, tracking and other issues.
  • Simple retrieval system, just search keywords Mymind to display the contents one by one.
  • Mymind will automatically analyze images, articles, websites and automatically record tags for future searches.
  • Users can save any content and view it on a computer or mobile phone.

Mymind APP

Mymind is an application software developed for mobile users. The APP can be downloaded to mobile devices with iOS and Android systems.

Mymind Pricing

Mymind is available for free, but some features may require subscription fees or in-app purchases. Currently, the Student of Life package offers a free trial. The subscription purchase fees are as follows:


Student of Life






  • Capture your notes
  • Intelligent Bookmarks
  • AI Image Tagging
  • Text Clippings
  • Image Text Recognition
  • Advanced Search
  • Night Mode
  • 100% private
  • plus+
  • Article Analyzer
  • Reading Mode
  • Article Backup


Why only Google and Apple sign in?

Both Google and Apple enrollment provide an easy, secure and 2-factor enabled way to create a mymind account. We do not exchange any information with the parties. It is only used for authentication to ensure privacy is guaranteed.

Does Mymind have an import tool?

We currently do not support any bulk import options, but we are considering this for the future.

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