Mealgenie: Vegan Favorite AI Recipe Generator

What is Mealgenie?

Mealgenie is an AI recipe generator designed for vegetarians that utilizes advanced technology to help users discover vegetarian recipes and provides a range of cooking methods for various vegetarian ingredients. With just a few simple inputs of ingredients, users can generate recipes instantly. During the recipe generation process, Mealgenie allows users to exclude certain types of foods, such as dairy or nuts, to cater to their dietary preferences. Additionally, Mealgenie provides personalized recipe recommendations based on users’ daily search history.

Price: Free
Tag: AI recipe generator
Release time: None
Developer(s): Mealgenie

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Mealgenie Functions

  • Automatically generate recipes based on ingredients entered by the user.
  • Randomly recommend recipes for users.
  • Users can choose to exclude certain types of food when generating recipes, such as choosing dairy-free.

Mealgenie APP

Currently Mealgenie does not provide a mobile app and is only for online use by users. If you are interested in it, go to the Mealgenie website and search for your favorite recipes!

Mealgenie Pricing

Mealgenie is free and free for any user to use.


Yes, Mealgenie is primarily geared toward vegetarians.

No, but currently there is a free trial of the tool, after which you can make purchases as needed

Is Mealgenie free?

Yes, Mealgenie is completely free.

How is Mealgenie used?

The use of Mealgenie is very simple, just enter its official website, enter the name of the ingredient in the search box, and the corresponding recipe will be generated.

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