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What is Keywordspy?

Keywordspy is an online AI tool created by Peter Zmijewski to help users create content, optimize content and improve rankings. It can help users gain a greater competitive advantage and stay ahead of the SEO curve. It allows users to view the analysis of keywords, and finds out relevant content that may improve the ranking of articles for users, and prompts users to easily overlook methods and techniques for improving rankings. It also allows users to more easily view pages of Google search results, makes it easier for users to test the AI ​​​​that is currently running, and Keywordspy will be updated as Google’s algorithm changes.

Price: Starting $144
Tag: Content optimizer
Release time: None
Developer(s): Keywordspy

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Keywordspy Features

  • Keywordspy allows users to view search results pages.
  • Keywordspy allows users to find the search volume of keywords, allowing users to get more accurate keyword analysis.
  • The AI content writer included in Keywordspy can help users create better article content and ensure that your content will not be filtered out by any filters.
  • Keywordspy helps improve the ranking of articles by analyzing keywords, content optimization, image optimization and other methods.
  • Keywordspy utilizes AI technology to search for content related to the topics you provide and reveals ways to improve your rankings that you may not be aware of.
  • Keywordspy allows users to organize page management by creating projects to improve work efficiency.

Keywordspy Online

Keywordspy Online is the web page version of Keywordspy, you can enter the Keywordspy website and use its powerful functions online.

Keywordspy Pricing








  • 1 User
  • Guaranteed Automatic AI-based Product Review and Helpful updates
  • Image Entity Boosts
  • 3 Users
  • On Topic Score per section and entire article
  • Auto-Detect AI Generated Text
  • Plagarism Check and Improve your Content with Copyscape & Grammarly Premium Build into our Content Editor


How does Keywordspy help improve rankings?

Keywordspy helps users find keywords of a certain topic, analyzes the frequency of use of keywords, optimizes content, and prompts users with methods and techniques that may not be noticed to improve content rankings.

Does Keywordspy offer a free trial?

Yes, Keywordspy offers a fourteen-day free trial. After the free trial period, users need to subscribe to use, the subscription price is $144, $287.

Is Keywordspy Worth It?

Of course it’s worth it! Keywordspy is powerful and is your best choice to improve your content ranking!

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