Atomic: A Free AI Agenda Management Tool

What is Atomic?

Atomic is an AI neural network based calendar assistant developed by the Atomic team. Atomic can help simplify your schedule and get more done with features like semantic search, automatic event tagging, and customizable time blocks. In addition, Atomic is also suitable for multi-person teams, which can simplify the process of scheduling meetings and managing tasks for teams.

Price: Free
Tag: AI Agenda Management
Developer: Atomic

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Atomic Features

  • Always create conflict-free schedules based on all your synced calendar information.
  • Manage the calendar in the background, and you can get notification information without clicking to view.
  • Support multi-person calendar synchronization to arrange and manage company schedules.
  • Support multi-app message sync to Google Calendar.

Atomic Pricing

Atomic is free for use and provide business plans.Atomic currently also offers a free beta version, which you can choose to use. go ahead and try it out!












  • Only supports syncing google calendar
  •  Support schedule priority setting
  • Support for date and time preferences
  • Support daily task/workload setting
  • Support multi-calendar information synchronization
  • All Pro features
  • Cloud service function
  • Enjoy 1 year of app customization features

Atomic APP Download

Atomic currently only supports mobile devices, click the link below to download the version that suits you.

Atomic Reviews

Clemente Seau: Atomic helps me arrange my schedule with one click and remind me in time.

Nevar Gonne: All my company employees are using Atomic, and their work efficiency has improved.

Giveen Youber: Atomic is a great assistant for business people with busy schedules.


Why my Atomic doesn’t work?

Attention: If you do not set your Google Calendar as your primary calendar in Atomic, Atomic will not work properly. It could also be that your work schedule does not cover all of your event schedules.

Is Atomic Safe?

The schedule information you upload will be kept completely confidential. We will never use or share the information you upload for other purposes.

What is Meeting Assist used for?

Meeting Assist allows you to create flexible one-on-one meetings as well as ad-hoc team meetings with many attendees.

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