Steosvoice: Ai Voice Platform That Can Make Money From Voice

What is Autoslide?

Steosvoice is a completely free AI voice platform. By processing the voice uploaded by users, Steosvoice can generate unique digital voice resources belonging to users. Users can use their own digital voice resources to dub, narrate and publish videos in non-native languages. On major social media such as YouTube, the scope of video transmission has been greatly increased, and the popularity of users has been improved. Steosvoice can also convert the user’s voice resources into a source of income. Users only need to upload their own digital voice on the Steosvoice market, and when others use it, they can get a certain amount of income.

Price: Free
Tag: AI dubbing
Release time: Unknown
Developer(s): Steosvoice

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Steosvoice Functions

  • Users can use their own voice to create unique sound resources for video dubbing, game music, etc.
  • Steosvoice can help users create videos in non-native languages ​​to explore more areas of YouTube and post more popular videos.
  • Users can obtain the digital copyright of the sound through the Steosvoice market. If other users use their copyright, the user will get some income.

Steosvoice APP

Steosvoice currently does not have a mobile app, only a web version. If you are interested in this software, you can also go to the Steosvoice website to experience its powerful functions.

Steosvoice Pricing

The service provided by Steosvoice is free, but if users like this product, they can also go to the official website to purchase a membership level to support the development of Steosvoice, and the purchase price depends on the needs of users.


Is Steosvoice free?

Steosvoice is completely free for the first 9 months and will be free for users thereafter.

How can I earn money with my voice on Steosvoice?

Publish Steosvoice-processed sounds to the Steosvoice marketplace, where users can license digital versions of the sounds and earn income.

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