Emvoice: Ai Music Creation Plug-In That Helps You Sing

What is Emvoice?

Emvoice is an artificial intelligence-synthesized music creation plug-in. Users can fill in their own original lyrics or existing lyrics in the range they want, and Emvoice can immediately generate your vocal performance. This software is not only for professional music producers, but other creators can also use it, which greatly reduces the threshold for creating music, and Emvoice can help you sing without the need for users to open their mouths. The software has four paid modes and a free demo mode, and the songs created in the free demo mode can also be used commercially.

Price: Starting free
Tag: Music
Release time: Unknown
Developer(s): Emvoice

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Emvoice Functions

  • Let every user who loves to sing have the power of human voice and experience the joy of creation, not just vocalists who have been trained for many years.
  • Any version or even demo mode can use the sound for commercial projects, just get the lyrics or melody copyright of the original music.
  • The human voice processed by the software is very natural, and it will not be able to hear unreal sounds like other software.
  • Modular operation, just fill in the phrase in the corresponding range, and Emvoice One can immediately sing the lyrics.

Emvoice APP

Emvoice does not currently have a mobile app, only a Windows version. You can also click “DOWNLOAD” in the upper left corner of the official website to download.

Emvoice Pricing

Emvoice is available for free, but some features may require subscription fees or in-app purchases, the following are its subscription purchase fees:












  • Natural Range: D2 to G4
  • Extended Range: C0 to C5
  • Natural Range: E2 to A4
  • Extended Range: C0 to C5
  • Natural Range: E1 to C4
  • Extended Range: C0 to C5
  • Classic Vocoder
  • Range: C0 to C5


Why do I need an internet connection?

Our audio engine takes gigabytes of individual files and highly complex processing to combine them into finished vocal lines. With such high processing demands, we place our engines on servers around the world to provide a seamless user experience, no matter how fast or slow your computer is.

Do I need to pay for updates?

Won’t. We are constantly improving our plugin, adding new features and revising the vocal engine. The only thing for sale in the Emvoice One system are the sounds – not the plugins themselves – and each will continue to improve without paying.

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