What is Boomy?

Boomy is a groundbreaking platform that leverages artificial intelligence to democratize music creation. It enables users, regardless of their musical background, to create original songs in seconds. Boomy’s AI algorithms assist in composing, editing, and producing music, making it accessible for everyone to be a music creator. This platform not only simplifies the music-making process but also offers opportunities for artists to distribute their creations on streaming platforms. With Boomy, users join a global community of artists exploring the realms of generative music, empowering creativity and innovation in the music industry.

Boomy Details

Price: Freemium
Tag: AI Music Generator
Developer(s): Boomy Corporation

Key Features of Boomy

  • AI-Powered Music Creation: Boomy’s AI algorithms enable users to create unique songs effortlessly.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for both beginners and experienced musicians.
  • Music Distribution: Allows artists to submit their songs to streaming platforms.
  • Community Engagement: Connects users with a global community of artists.
  • Creative Empowerment: Encourages users to explore and experiment with different music styles.
  • Accessibility: No prior musical experience required to create music.
  • Customization: Offers tools for personalizing and editing songs.
  • Royalty Earnings: Artists earn from their music played on streaming services.

Pricing of Boomy

  1. Free Plan:
    • $0.00 per month
    • Create and edit songs
    • 25 song saves
    • 1 release
  2. Creator Plan:
    • $9.99 per month (33% off from $14.99)
    • Create and edit songs
    • 500 song saves
    • 3 releases per month (up to 15 total)
  3. Pro Plan:
    • $29.99 per month (25% off from $39.99)
    • Create and edit songs
    • Unlimited song saves
    • Expedited release review

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