Blogcast: A Marvelous Text-to-voice AI Generator

What is Blogcast?

Blogcast is an AI-driven online text-to-speech program developed by the Blogcast team in 2019. It can convert the input text content into clear and natural audio in a short time. It handles speech transcription of long articles and blog posts better than similar products, and it provides cloud storage for users’ audio.

Price: Free
Tag: AI Text-to-voice,Text to Speech Generator
Release time: 2019
Developer: Blogcast

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Blogcast Features

  • AI-powered real-time text-to-speech technology without waiting
  • Support more than 100 AI voices and more than 25 different languages
  • Supports the use of an online speech synthesis editor to control the pronunciation, tone and pauses in the text. Supports multiple voices in one article.
  • Support storage and transmission of audio files and MP3 audio export on Blogcast cloud server

Blogcast Pricing

Blogcast is free for personal trial and provides business versions.












Convert up to 10 articles per month (unlimited article length)

Convert up to 30 articles per month (unlimited article length)

Convert up to 100 articles per month (unlimited article length)

(unlimited article length)

How to Login in Blogcast?

  1. Open Blogcast website.
  2. Click sign in in the upper right corner.
  3. Register or log in with your email.
  4. If you are registering for the first time, you need to click Sign up below to create an account.
  5. After the account creation is complete, the web page will automatically jump to the home page of your Blogcast account, and the registration is complete.
  6. After registration, you can log in to your account using the steps above.

How to Use Blogcast?

  1. Enter Blogcast, log in to your previously registered Blogcast account.
  2. You will be taken to the home page of your Blogcast account.
  3. Click Import at the top of the page to upload your document. You can upload documents in RSS, CSV format, or manually.
  4. After uploading the text, select the language and voice you need, and AI will automatically generate audio for you.
  5. You can save, upload or download your audio in the Audio column.

Blogcast Reviews

Pat Walls: Blogcasts are powerful. I was able to generate audio for 400 blog posts in about 10 minutes.

Daniel Jones: Blogcast is very easy to operate, and it is very suitable for blog posts to speech.

James Ivings: Blogcast has a great user experience, and it converts any article into audio quickly.


What is Blogcast?

Blogcast is a Text-to-voice AI with better blog post-to-speech technology than similar programs.

Can I use Blogcast to record my voice over?

No, you can only enter text on the Blogcast right now.


Does the voice generated by Blogcast sounds natural?

Our AI supports more than 100 voice intonations, and you can edit them in real time through the speech synthesis editor in the program.

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