TLDR YouTube: AI Video Summarization Tool Powered by GPT

What is TLDR YouTube?

TLDR YouTube is an AI tool that can summarize the content of YouTube videos released in 2023. It uses AI algorithm to summarize the content of the given YouTube video and present the summarized content to the user. Users only need to put the video link in the prompt box, and soon TLDR YouTube can automatically summarize the key information of the video content. TLDR YouTube can help you understand the content of YouTube videos in less time and more efficiently!

Price: Free
Tag: AI assistant
Release time: 2023
Developer: TLDR YouTube

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TLDR YouTube Functions

  • Helps you easily summarize YouTube’s video content.
  • Ability to summarize multiple types of video content, including entertainment, science, education, etc.
  • Automatic summary, you can know the content of the video without watching it, saving your browsing time.
  • Allows you to understand the content of the video concisely and clearly.
  • The processing speed is fast, and the video summary can be completed within tens of seconds.

TLDR YouTube App

Currently TLDR YouTube does not have a mobile app, it only provides a web version for users to use online.

TLDR YouTube Pricing

TLDR YouTube is free and available to anyone.


Can I use this tool for any YouTube video?

Currently there are certain restrictions, videos should have subtitles enabled and be no longer than 1.5 hours.

Does it support other languages?

Currently only supports English.

Is it free?

Yes, it’s free to use.

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