Spirit-Me: Ai Smart Software That Creates Virtual Facial Information

What is Spirit-me?

Spirit-me is a tool that uses AI intelligent digitization technology to construct user virtual facial information by identifying user facial information. Users can use their own digital faces for video creation, conference interviews, intelligent voice responses, online communication, etc. Spirit-me has a huge database, which can make the user’s expression very real, and the generated video can be read aloud emotionally according to the text entered by the user, and the round-the-clock video production can provide enterprises with a large number of opportunities for face-to-face conversation with customers. The online image generated by Spirit-me can help users to work without fatigue, and users can rest with peace of mind.

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Developer(s): Spirit-me

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Spirit-me Functions

  • It takes five minutes to generate your own virtual facial resources, and the AI ​​will automatically generate the corresponding facial expressions without the user needing to appear on camera.
  • Spirit-me has a very powerful dynamic facial expression resource library, and the generated facial expressions are very real.
  • Spirit-me can help users save a lot of time for shooting videos, and it can be automatically generated only by entering the video text in advance.
  • Spirit-me can make cheap and fast videos for businesses 24/7 to talk face-to-face with customers.

Spirit-me App

Spirit-me APP is a mobile application provided by Spirit-me for users. It can be used on iOS system at present, and users can download it from Spirit-me official website or App Store.

Spirit-me Pricing

Spirit-me is available for free, but some features may require subscription fees or in-app purchases, the following are its subscription purchase fees:








  • 3 free minutes
  • 2 stock avatars
  • 1 custom avatar
  • 10 minutes of video per month
  • Dynamic facial emotions
  • 50% off during early-access


Is Spirit-me free?

Spirit-me provides packages for users, and customers can purchase packages on demand.

In Spirit-me, will my avatar be used by others?

No, Spirit-me will not disclose all personal information of users, and the privacy of users is fully guaranteed.

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