Scrip-ai: A Practical AI Scripting Tool

What is Scrip-ai?

Scrip-ai is an AI-powered script-writing tool that helps users write scripts for short videos. By filling in brief video titles, descriptions, keywords, language, tone, and duration, users can generate video scripts with just one click. Scrip-ai offers various tones for video scripts, including professional, enthusiastic, humorous, motivational, and serious. This tool not only reduces the cost of writing video scripts for users but also improves the efficiency of the writing process, thereby enhancing users’ work productivity.

Price: Starting Free
Tag: AI Scripting Tool
Developer(s): Sagar Jaid

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Scrip-ai Functions

  • Provide 30-60 second script generation function: users can use Scrip-ai to generate 30-60 second video script
  • Provide scripts with various tone types: Scrip-ai provides users with video scripts with various tone types, including professional, enthusiastic, humorous, inspirational, serious, and informative tones
  • Fast script generation: After the user fills in a short video title, video description, keywords, language, tone, and duration, Scrip-ai can generate the script within one minute
  • Provide scripts in multiple languages: Scrip-ai provides scripts in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Hindi, and other languages

Scrip-ai App

Scrip-ai currently only provides a web version, allowing users to use it online. If you are interested in automatically generating scripts, you can directly search the official website of Scrip-ai to use it.

Scrip-ai Pricing

The official website of Scrip-ai does not mention the detailed pricing plan at present, you can contact the service provider to learn more. Scrip-ai offers a free trial service, and you can also try it on the Scrip-ai website.


In what languages ​​does Scrip-ai provide scripts?

Scrip-ai provides scripts in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Hindi and other languages.

How long does Scrip-ai take to generate scripts?

Scrip-ai generates scripts for you in under a minute.

How long scripts can Scrip-ai generate?

Scrip-ai can generate scripts with three durations: 30 seconds, 30-60 seconds, and 60 seconds.

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