Movmi AI: Free AI Motion Capture Tool

What is Movmi AI?

Movmi AI is an AI-powered motion capture software that enables motion capture from 2D media data such as images and videos, making it extremely user-friendly for 3D animators. The entire capture process of Movmi AI takes place in the cloud, eliminating the need for high-end hardware. It also has the ability to capture human motion from any real-life scenario, including multi-person scenes. In addition, Movmi AI includes a character marketplace where users can directly incorporate any of the characters’ motions into their animation creations, saving time for animators and motion developers in their 3D humanoid animation projects.

Price: Free
Tag: AI motion capture tool
Release time: Unknown
Developer(s): Movmi AI

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Movmi AI Functions

  • With the help of AI technology, Movmi AI can perform motion capture from 2D media data such as images and videos.
  • With Movmi AI, users can create 3D animations from videos without any software package or hardware.
  • Movmi AI can capture motion from any scene, whether it is a media photo taken by a camera or a picture or video taken by a smartphone.
  • Movmi AI supports three different Armatures: Huma Meta-Rig, Human Rig, and Basic Human Rig.
  • Movmi AI provides a Movmi Store, which contains a variety of animated characters in different poses and actions.

Movmi AI App

Movmi AI provides users with a web version that allows users to use it online. At the same time, it also provides computer-side applications, users can download them from the official website of Movmi AI, enter the homepage of the website, and you can see the download button.

Movmi AI Pricing

Movmi AI allows users to use its features for free, it is a free AI motion capture tool.


What is Movmi AI?

Movmi AI is a motion capture software driven by AI technology, which can capture motion in 2D media data such as images and videos.

Is Autoslide easy to operate?

Is Movmi AI capable of capturing multiple movements?

Is Movmi AI free to use?

Yes, Movmi AI provides free service.

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