Move AI: A Marvelous AI Motion Capture Software

What is Move AI?

Move AI is a software based on Move AI patented technology, computer vision and machine learning to capture high-fidelity motion, developed by the Move AI team. Users can use off-the-shelf cameras and mobile phones to shoot anywhere in any environment, and Move AI can perfectly digitize any movement in the video and perform motion capture. Move AI has been used by some industry-leading game and sports companies, such as EA, and NVIDIA.

Price: $365/Year
Tag: AI Motion Capture
Developer: Move AI

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Move AI Features

  • High-fidelity tracking of pose, gait or body type demeanor.
  • Capture movie-quality motion data via video and standard hardware, eliminating the need for complex and expensive traditional motion capture suites
  • Film and capture high-fidelity motion in any environment, with any device, for any use case, at a fraction of the cost.

Move AI Pricing

  • Move AI requires a fee.
  • Each new registered user can use 2 minutes for free.
  • The Move AI Creator Tier gives you 12 months of access to for $365, including up to 30 minutes of video processing time per month and a total of 6 hours of bonus time over a 12-month period. Video processing costs beyond the package duration are $0.04 per second.

Move AI App

Move AI supports both PC and IOS mobile devices. In addition to using Move AI online on the web, you can also download Move AI’s IOS VERSION APP. Click the link below to download.

How to Login in Move AI?

The specific process of logging in to Move AI is as follows:

  1. Open the Move AI website
  2. Click Login in/Sign up in the upper right corner
  3. Enter your email address and password, complete the man-machine verification, and click login in to log in.
  4. If you have not registered an account, please click Sign up.
  5. Enter your email, complete the human-machine verification, and click Submit.
  6. You will receive an email with a registration link. Click the link, set a username and password to complete the registration.

After completing the registration, the web page will automatically jump. Click Start using Move.AI to continue using, and click Download on the apple store to download the IOS app of Move AI.

How to Use Move AI?

Note: Motion capture for Move AI must be based on no less than four cameras capturing the same motion from different angles at the same time.

  • For specific shooting requirements, please refer to the shooting guide given by Move AI.
  • As for the specific settings and motion capture process, it is too complicated to list them here. Please refer to the usage guide given by Move AI.

Move AI Reviews

Ant. J. Fallon: The best motion capture software of its kind.

Moku Aikaua: The easiest (but still packed with advanced features) and most affordable motion capture software on the market.

Cakuya Sarvalo: Great for independent 3D animators.


Why can’t my camera connect with Move AI?

Cameras cannot be directly connected to Move AI. You need to upload video footage manually.

Do I need special PC or GPU to process videos?

We use cloud services to process videos for you, so you don’t need to worry about computer configuration.

What video file formats can I upload or download?


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