What is InstaVerse?

InstaVerse represents a frontier in digital world creation, offering users the ability to craft their realms in unprecedented ways. This platform harnesses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to generate textures, providing a unique, personalized tool for creating 3D scenes. Designed for simplicity, it’s accessible even to novices. Moreover, InstaVerse facilitates publishing your 3D scenes to Decentraland, a blockchain-based virtual world, sharing your creations with a broader community.

InstaVerse Details

Price: Freemium
Tag: AI Video, AI Animation Generator
Developer(s): InstaVerse

InstaVerse homepage

Key Features of InstaVerse

  • User-Friendly 3D Scene Creation: Empowering anyone to create 3D scenes effortlessly, no coding required.
  • AI-Generated Textures: Utilize state-of-the-art AI technology for generating textures that personalize the look and feel of your scenes.
  • Publish to Decentraland: Deploy your 3D scenes to Decentraland with just a few clicks, sharing them with the community.

Pricing of InstaVerse

  1. Demo: This free version includes temporary Decentraland worlds’ names and five AI credits but does not support automatic data pulling.
  2. Start: Priced at $60, it includes your metaverse name (*.dcl.eth), your personal Decentraland worlds’ name, unlimited use of the scene builder and deployment, automatically updated data for your 3D scene, but limited AI generations.
  3. Pro: Pricing is provided upon request and includes a lifetime personal Decentraland Worlds name, unlimited use of the scene builder and publishing to Decentraland, automatically updated data for your 3D scene, and access to unlimited AI tools.

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