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What is HeyGen?

HeyGen marks a transformative approach in the realm of digital content creation, specifically focusing on video production. This innovative platform integrates advanced AI technology to simplify the video creation process, eliminating the need for extensive resources typically associated with traditional production methods. With HeyGen, users can generate high-quality video content efficiently, using AI-generated avatars and voices, thereby democratizing the field of video production.

HeyGen Details

Price: Freemium
Tag: AI Video, AI Animation Generator
Developer(s): HeyGen

Key Features of HeyGen

  • AI-Generated Avatars and Voices: Choose from an extensive range of AI avatars or create your own for personalized video content. Accompanying these avatars is a selection of over 300 voices in more than 40 languages.
  • Simplified Video Creation: Transform text into professional videos within minutes, bypassing the conventional hurdles of traditional video production.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for various content types, including product marketing, content marketing, sales outreach, and learning & development.
  • Security and Compliance: HeyGen prioritizes user data protection, boasting SOC 2 compliance, and adhering to GDPR regulations.

Pricing of HeyGen

HeyGen offers a structured pricing plan designed to cater to various user needs, from individuals experimenting with video creation to businesses seeking comprehensive solutions. Below is the detailed breakdown:

  1. Free Plan: This plan is perfect for beginners or those looking to explore HeyGen’s capabilities. It includes:

    • 1 free credit
    • Maximum video duration of 1 minute
    • Access to 1 seat
    • Use of 1 instant avatar
    • Selection from 120+ public avatars and 300+ voices
    • Voice cloning available as a paid add-on
  2. Creator Plan ($24/month, billed yearly): Designed for more active creators, this plan offers:

    • 15 credits per month
    • Maximum video duration of 5 minutes
    • Access to 1 seat
    • Use of 3 instant avatars
    • Access to premium voices and auto captions
    • No watermarks on videos
  3. Business Plan ($72/month, billed yearly): Ideal for small businesses or teams, this plan includes:

    • 30 credits per month
    • Maximum video duration of 20 minutes
    • Access to 3 seats
    • Use of 3 instant avatars
    • API access and 4K resolution videos
    • Access to a brand kit
  4. Enterprise Plan (Custom pricing): Tailored for large businesses with specific needs, this plan offers:

    • Customizable large to unlimited usage
    • Custom number of seats
    • Studio Avatar available as a paid add-on
    • SSO (SAML), dedicated data center, and account manager
    • Paired solution engineer and priority video processing

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