Genmo: An AI Art Generator That Can Generate Videos Based On Text

What is Genmo?

Genmo, developed by Karim Waljee, is an AI art generator that transforms text into videos. Thanks to its powerful AI technology, users can input short text and Genmo will automatically generate a corresponding video. Going beyond 2D images, Genmo creates a variety of 3D scenes, animations, and videos. Although currently in the testing phase, Genmo is set to release more features in the future, as suggested by official sources.

Price: Free
Tag: AI art generator
Developer(s): Karim Waljee

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Genmo Functions

  • Create Videos: With AI technology, users only need to input text prompts to generate stunning videos
  • Editing Videos: Users can upload some videos and edit and optimize them
  • Create 3D scenes: Genmo can create some realistic scenes with simple steps
  • Make animations: Genmo can make short animated videos according to user requirements

How to Login Genmo?

  1. Enter Genmo official website, click “Log in” in the upper right corner
  2. You can choose sign in with Google or Discord
  3. If you choose sign in with Discord, then you need to authorize Genmo
  4. Then you can start using
step 4

How to Use Genmo?

  1. Enter the Genmo official website and complete the login
  2. Click “Get Started”
  3. Enter a text prompt in the prompt box, or you can upload your request as a file
  4. Click “Generate image”
  5. After the picture is generated, the production of the first frame of the video is completed
  6. Next you can optimize your picture, such as adding some clouds, flowers and trees, etc.
  7. Click “Make video” and your video is ready

Genmo APP

The Genmo APP is a mobile client tailored for Genmo users, albeit exclusively for iOS users at present. You can find it available for download on the App Store.

Genmo Pricing

Currently, all services provided by Genmo are completely free of charge, allowing anyone to create awe-inspiring videos through the platform.

Genmo Reviews

  • Albin: This is truly an amazing tool, so powerful!
  • Amos: I think Genmo is great and fun, really.
  • Alethea: A video can be automatically generated at once, and the picture is very clear.

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