DeepMind DVD-GAN: A Great AI Video Synthesist

What is ChatGPT?

DeepMind DVD-GAN is an AI video generator based on VAE and GAN, originally published by DeepMind in 2019. It uses DeepMind’s self-developed image generation model BigGAN for deep learning, trying to compile pictures into longer, higher-resolution videos. DeepMind DVD-GAN has not been released publicly.

Price: None
Tag: AI Video Synthesis
Release time: 2019
Developer: DeepMind
Users: Unkown

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DeepMind DVD-GAN Features

DVD-GAN is capable of generating high-resolution and temporally consistent videos. Click here to view the related paper.


What can DeepMind DVD-GAN do?

Although many visual aberrations still exist, DVD-GAN is able to improve video generation performance

What can we learn from these test results?

We should not underestimate the speed at which AI technologies can learn and improve themselves. AI video generation has great development prospects.

What’s the next step for DeepMind DVD-GAN?

Our goal is to enable DeepMind DVD-GAN to continuously generate realistic videos for a long time under unconstrained conditions.

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