Check-Plagiarism: Best Plagiarism Detector Tool

Nowadays, the internet world is driven by digital content. Therefore, the battle against plagiarism has intensified.

And since plagiarism has become more prevalent in recent years, countless plagiarism checker tools have emerged and are claiming to be the best. As a result, users have gotten lost in a sea of easy choices. And if you are one of them, fear not because we’ll dive into the depths of plagiarism detection software to uncover the truth here.

In this review article, we’ll dissect the merits and flaws of Check-Plagiarism, the mighty contender vying for the crown of the best plagiarism checker. So, let’s dig in.


What is Check-Plagiarism?

Check-Plagiarism is an AI-based plagiarism detector. And as its name depicts, this tool helps users to check the uniqueness of their work before publishing or submitting it. This plagiarism checker tool uses advanced AI technology that first compares the input content with millions of online resources and then provides the percentage of unique and plagiarized text.

Its highlighted features include fast and accurate plagiarism detection, user-friendly UI, report generation with plagiarism percentage, resource exclusion, and rich integration support. So, with the help of accurate and deep plagiarism scans, this tool claims to identify paraphrased text and traces of intentional or unintentional plagiarism as well. But whether this claim is valid or not, we’ll find this out in the next section.

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Check-Plagiarism Functions

As we’ve briefly specified the key highlights of Check-Plagiarism in the previous section, let’s discuss those key features in more detail. So, here are some highlights that make Check-Plagiarism more compelling to its audience:

1.Intuitive User Interface (UI)

The designers of this tool have thoughtfully organized its entire UI, which allows users to quickly access the desired features and functionalities without confusion or unnecessary complexity. So, Check-Plagiarism has a simple but user-friendly UI. And this factor enhances this tool’s overall user experience (UX).

2.Source Exclusion

Check-Plagiarism is more than a traditional plagiarism detection tool. That’s because it contains some advanced features. And one of those features is its source exclusion.

This tool uses the data available on search engines to identify the claims of plagiarism. But let’s say that you don’t want this tool to compare your text against a particular source. In that case, you can exclude the URL of that source by expanding the ‘Exclude URL’ option and adding the link.

3.Deep Search With Sentence-Wise Checking

One of the notable features of Check-Plagiarism is its deep search capability, which involves performing a thorough examination of the submitted content. So, when you’ve enabled this feature, this tool will go beyond surface-level matching and perform sentence-wise checking to identify potential instances of plagiarism.

Thus, users can ensure a more comprehensive analysis using this feature, which increases the likelihood of detecting even subtle similarities between the submitted text and existing sources.

4.Fast and Accurate Results

Despite performing sentence-wise checking and deep search, the plagiarism detection engine of this tool can bring up the results quickly. And we’ve found those results to be pretty accurate. But let’s perform a real-time check on the accuracy of this tool. We have scanned some content of up to 458 words from already published blog posts on and here’re are the results we’ve  got:

Sentence wise results
Matched Sources Tab

As you can see in the above image, the checker has accurately identified plagiarism in the above example. So, this tool’s claim for its plagiarism detection accuracy is valid.

5.Report Generation

Check-Plagiarism offers a report-generation feature that gives users a detailed overview of the plagiarism analysis results. The generated report presents the similarity percentage between the submitted text and identified sources, highlighting the specific sections that may require further attention.

Thus, the generated report serves as a comprehensive summary of the plagiarism check, aiding users in understanding the extent and nature of potential plagiarism in their content.

6.Rich Integration Support

Check-Plagiarism provides rich integration support, allowing users to seamlessly integrate the tool with other platforms or applications. For instance, whether you’ve got a WordPress website or a website built with traditional methods, this feature enables users to incorporate Check-Plagiarism into their existing workflows, such as content management systems or learning management systems, without disruption. Thus, the rich integration support of this tool is another one of those features that assist in enhancing the versatility and compatibility of this tool, making it adaptable to various professional or educational environments.

Check-Plagiarism App

Check-Plagiarism is a website, which means you can access it via a web browser. But if you don’t like using software in a web browser, you can also download and install its application on your MacBook or smartphone.

Thus, navigate to either Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download and install its application on your device and enjoy the same functionalities.

Google Play Store Preview
Mac App Store Preview

How to Login or Register a Check-Plagiarism Account?

Users can use Check-Plagiarism services by default without creating or logging into any account. But if you want, you can link your Google account with this tool or sign in to your previously created Check-Plagiarism account. And for that, you will have to tap on the ‘LOGIN’ button from the main interface and enter the requested information.

On the other hand, suppose you don’t want to link your Google account with this tool, or you are using the services of Check-Plagiarism for the first time. In that case, you will have to create a new account. And for that, you will have to click on the ‘Register’ button from the main interface and enter the required information.

Note: When you’re on the sign-up page, you can also link your Google Account.


Pricing Plans of Check-Plagiarism

Check-Plagiarism is a freemium tool, meaning some of its features are free. But if you want to access the complete functionality of this tool, you will have to become its premium member.

As of now, the premium membership of this tool starts at $4.99/week. If you want to purchase its monthly plan, you will have to pay $15 per month.

Besides weekly and monthly plans, this tool has semi-annual and annual plans. So, check the following picture to get complete details about the pricing plan of this tool:


Pros & Cons of Using Check-Plagiarism

Now that you know the working mechanism and key features of this tool, it’s time to talk about the benefits you will get from the features of this tool and a few drawbacks we’ve observed while testing it. So, here are the pros and cons of using Check-Plagiarism:

Pros of this online checker

  • Right off the bat, one significant advantage of using Check-Plagiarism is its accuracy. As we’ve tested previously, this tool accurately identifies the traces of wrongly paraphrased text and entirely plagiarized texts. This means that based on the results of this tool, you can make claims about whether your text is original or not.
  • You don’t always have to access the website of this tool to use it, as you can also download and install the smartphone or macOS client of this tool. This way, you can enjoy the same features there as well.
  • As you can see in the output of this tool, it highlights the plagiarized and paraphrased instances in the text. This feature makes locating the potentially plagiarized sections easier, even in lengthy text.
  • Whether you’re a ai nerd or not, you can get started with the features of this tool straightaway, such as the intuitiveness this tool offers.
  • Sharing the stats of an entire plagiarism session in this tool is easier, as you can generate and download a report in PDF format with one click.

Cons of This Online Tool

  • Check-Plagiarism only allows scanning 500 words for free. And this word count limit isn’t suitable for those who write daily.
  • You have to purchase their premium plans to unlock different features.


All in all, it is safe to claim that Check-Plagiarism is among the best free plagiarism checkers of all time. And the testing we’ve performed on this tool is the living proof of this claim. So, you can definitely use this tool to check the accuracy of text written for academic or digital marketing purposes.

However, this tool’s default word count limit will be unsuitable for those who write daily. So, if you belong to such a use case, we recommend purchasing its premium plan.

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