Beatoven: Intelligent Music Generation Tool

What is Beatoven?

Beatoven is an artificial intelligence-driven unique music generation tool, Beatoven can create unique mood-based music to suit each part of the user’s video or podcast. Beatoven provides 8 different styles of themes, 16 rich emotions, and allows users to make multiple clips according to the tone of the content to add different emotions, and finally generate user-unique music. Beatoven also offers royalty-free music, and users are granted a perpetual license to use the soundtrack.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI music
Developer(s): Beatoven Private Limited.

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Beatoven Function

  • Mood music creation: Beatoven’s AI can generate unique mood-based music
  • Wide application: Beatoven’s music can be widely used in YouTube, podcasts, personal websites, etc.
  • Various styles: Beatoven provides 8 different styles of themes and 16 rich emotions
  • No copyright disputes: Beatoven provides royalty-free music, and users are granted a perpetual license to use the soundtrack

Beatoven App

Beatoven provides web usage, if you want to create your own music, you can go to the official website to learn more.

Beatoven Pricing

Beatoven provides free use and also provides paid services, as follows






$20/40/100 For 2/5/15 Users per month


  • Only 1 user
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Access to all Genres and Moods
  • Access to Instrument Selection
  • Access to Volume Dynamics
  • 15 minutes of free monthly downloads
  • Give credits to on your videos (Attribution needed)
  • Copyright owned by
  • Perpetual License to monetise the music on your content
  • All the features of Basic +
  • 2 /5/15users
  • 60/150/300 min of free monthly downloads
  • No attribution needed
  • Access to stem downloads
  • Priority email support
  • Access to newest features


Is Beatoven free?

Yes, Beatoven offers free services.

How many style options does Beatoven offer?

Beatoven offers 8 different styles.

Can users download the music Beatoven generates?

Yes, you can save the music you generate in Beatoven.

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