LandingLens: Creating An AI Assistant For Computer Vision Systems

What is LandingLens?

LandingLens by Landing AI is a computer vision cloud platform that makes it easy for users to create and deploy computer vision projects without complex programming or AI expertise. Users can upload images, and LandingLens will label specific objects and train AI models to create personalized visual effects. LandingLens helps users monitor the performance of their AI models and update them as needed to ensure they get the desired results.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI Computer Vision Deployment
Release time: Unknown
Developer(s): Landing AI

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LandingLens Functions

  • LandingLens helps users create their computer vision systems in minutes, no coding required.
  • LandingLens also works on small datasets, providing users with fast and accurate results.
  • LandingLens supports integration with other tools.
  • LandingLens allows users to train AI models and helps users evaluate their performance.
  • LandingLens allows users to monitor model performance and update models as needed.

LandingLens App

LandingLens provides users with a web version that allows users to use it online. If you are interested in it, you can go to the LandingLens website to learn more.

LandingLens Pricing

LandingLens provides users with four pricing plans, please refer to the table below for details.












  • Up to 5 projects
  • 250 images per project
  • Image labeling
  • Import labeled images
  • Agreement-Based labeling
  • Model training
  • All features in Free, plus
  • 20 projects
  • 500 images per project
  • 10 model versions per project
  • Unlimited Classes
  • All features in Starter, plus
  • Unlimited projects
  • Up to 10K images per project
  • Unlimited model versions per project
  • Project visibility control
  • All features in Visionary, plus
  • Large image support
  • LandingEdge deployment
  • Regulated Stack
  • Overdraft exception


What is LandingLens?

LandingLens is a computer vision cloud platform that helps users easily create computer vision projects and deploy computer vision systems.

Is programming required to use LandingLens?

Unnecessary. No complex programming or AI experience is required to use LandingLens.

Is LandingLens free to use?

Yes, it offers free services as well as paid services.

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