Deepspeed: The Most Powerful Intelligent Language Model

What is Deepspeed?

DeepSpeed ​​is an easy-to-learn optimization optimization software optimization software developed by Microsoft in 2023. Benefit from low latency and advanced inference throughput not found in other software.

Price: Free
Tag: The intelligent language model
Release time: 2020
Developer(s): Microsoft

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Deepspeed Functions

  • Low latency: Deepspeed achieves very good inference latency and model size reduction at low cost
  • Efficient and easy to use: DeepSpeed ​​provides a fusion of system innovations that make large-scale DL training effective and efficient

How to Use Deepspeed?

Need to log in, enter the Deepspeed website, and then register and log in

Deepspeed APP

Currently, Deepspeed provides a web version to allow users to use it online. You can go to the Deepspeed website to use it.

Deepspeed Pricing

There is currently a free version available.



The basics for individuals and organizations


Advanced collaboration for

individuals and organizations


Security, compliance,

and flexible deployment



Is Deepspeed easy to use?

Very convenient, the speed is really fast, and the delay is very low, basically no.

Is Deepspeed easy to use?

Follow its tutorial to learn, you can learn it soon.

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