Virtual-Face: A Personalized AI Avatar Synthesis Tool

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What is Virtual-Face?

The VirtualFace tool provides users with an AI-generated profile picture. By selecting the desired stylized picture, the uploaded photo is simulated and derived to generate an avatar photo that satisfies the user. If users like a certain style, they can also freely choose the rendering variants provided by AI, download and save them.

Price: paid
Tag: Image Improvement
Release time: None
Developer(s): The company LionRocket

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Virtual-Face Functions

virtual-face currently does not have a mobile app, only a web version. If you are interested in virtual-face, you can go to the virtual-face website to experience its powerful functions.

Virtual-Face APP

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Virtual-Face Pricing

The service provided by Virtual-Face is not free, but there is no fixed price. The starting price is $9.49, and the specific price is set according to the photos and service content provided by the user.


Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, refunds are available if processing does not start or fails before completion. However, once your processing has begun a fee has been incurred and this amount cannot be refunded.

Can I use my own photos to train AI models for other users?

Can’t. Users’ photos are only used to train their own models. The model has been trained on a variety of images for the user’s own reference only.

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