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What is Transpic?

Transpic is an online AI tool that can convert image styles, helping users easily convert a picture into another picture whose style is far from the original picture. There are many image styles supported by Transpic, including two-dimensional, oil painting, ancient style, simple elegance, modern, etc. It can easily realize the conversion between images of different styles. Transpic also allows users to freely choose the similarity between the original image and the generated new image, and also allows users to choose what needs to be preserved in the original image. Transpic is currently in the free-for-all phase, and anyone can use it for free.

Price: Free
Tag: AI image generator
Release time: None
Developer(s): Transpic

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Transpic Functions

  • Through AI technology, Transpic can easily transform a picture into another style of picture, realizing the transformation of image style
  • Users can freely choose the number of generated pictures, for example, choose the number of pictures to be 3 or 6
  • The user can freely choose the similarity between the generated image and the original image
  • Users can freely choose a variety of image styles, such as two-dimensional style, realistic style, oil painting style, etc.
  • Transpic allows users to save the generated pictures

Transpic Online

Transpic currently only has a web version, if you are interested in it, you can enter the Transpic website to experience its functions.

Transpic Pricing

Transpic is free of charge, and anyone can use Transpic to convert image styles for free.


What does Transpic do?

Transpic is an AI tool that can convert image styles. Whether it is a two-dimensional style picture, an oil painting style picture, or other styles, Transpic can realize the conversion between various styles.

How does Transpic charge?

Currently Transpic is free.

Does Transpic have a mobile app?

Transpic currently only has a web page, and has not yet launched a mobile app.

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