Remove-Bg: 100% Fully Automatic Ai Photo Background Removal Tool

What is Remove-bg?

Remove-bg is an intelligent AI cutout tool for image background erasing, which allows users to add new backgrounds, various colors, transparent backgrounds, etc. to processed photos. It also provides targeted services for multiple users, such as: individuals, photographers, marketers, developers, e-commerce, media, car dealers, enterprises, etc. Websites and computer systems offer many plugins and tools that allow users to quickly edit multiple images at once.

Price: Starting free
Tag: Image Improvement
Release time: Unknown
Developer(s): Remove-bg

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Remove-bg Functions

  • One-click fool operation, just upload a photo and tap it, and the background can be automatically removed within 5 seconds.
  • It supports picture customization, whether the background of the cutout photo can be made transparent or the color can be customized, and it is very convenient and fast.
  • Highly integrated, Remove-bg has built plug-ins and tools for all kinds of popular software on the market, greatly improving user efficiency.
  • The audience is very wide, and Remove-bg has a very good experience for private individuals, photographers, marketing advertisements, media, enterprises and other groups.

Remove-bg APP

Remove-bg is an application software developed for all users, which can be downloaded to computers and Android mobile devices.

Remove-bg Pricing

Remove-bg is provided for free, but some functions may require subscription payment or in-app purchases. The application has a lot of payment standards, and there are a certain number of free trial opportunities. You can also subscribe monthly/yearly according to your needs. It can also be purchased according to the number of photos that the user wants to modify. The specific needs can be found out on the official pricing website.


Is Remove-bg free?

Remove-bg has packages for users to use, and customers can purchase packages on demand.

What is Credit?

Credit allows users to use for high quality cutouts at full resolution. You can use credit on, via the API, or in our Windows/Mac/Linux app or Photoshop plugin.

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