Pixellicious: Free And Fast Ai Image Processing Tool

What is Pixelicious?

Pixellicious is a free tool that can convert user-uploaded pictures into pixel styles in a few seconds. This tool is aimed at game developers and can make their game creation easier and faster, and the content style output is also highly consistent. Design Teachers can use their own data, such as: characters, props, vehicles, skins, buildings, concept drawings, sketches, etc. for AI training, and create an AI model that is unique to their own style. It only takes a few clicks to use it, and the trained AI is ready. The pixel-style pictures that users want can be generated in a few seconds, and the whole process can be used online without professional design skills.

Price: Free
Tag: AI Image Processing Tool
Release time: Unknown

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Pixelicious Functions

  • It is completely free and can be used for commercial purposes without infringement.
  • The pixelated style is consistent with the original painting style provided by the game designer, making the user’s work more harmonious.
  • It is easy and fast to use, just upload a picture, and Pixellicious can generate a pixel style work in a few seconds.

Pixelicious APP

Pixellicious is an application software developed for all users. You can download the APP to mobile devices with iOS system and Android system for use, and you can also view it on the computer web.

Pixelicious Pricing

Pixellicious is available for free and is dedicated to helping game developers design quickly.


Can I use Scenario to generate images for commercial projects?

Assuming you are not violating any copyright, statute or intellectual property laws, you can use Scenario to generate images for commercial projects.

Why does the subject of the image repeat when I zoom in on the image?

In Alpha, images scaled beyond 512px in both directions will repeat the subject.

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