Photoleap: Powerful AI Photo Editing Tool

What is Photoleap?

Photoleap is a powerful AI photo editing tool for iOS. Photoleap can help users do all kinds of processing on photos: add stickers, filters, effects and fonts, crop, remove background, etc. Not only that, but Photoleap has many other powerful functions. Users can let Photoleap generate images by entering text, draw simple images, let AI fill in details, create interesting GIFs and videos, etc. With the help of Photoleap, users can create Personal photos that you are most satisfied with.

Price: Starting $3.33
Tag: AI image
Developer(s): Lightricks Ltd.

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Photoleap Function

  • Photo editing: Photoleap helps users edit their own photos
  • Various functions: Photoleap provides various functions such as adding stickers, filters, effects and fonts, cropping, removing background, etc.
  • Image generation: Photoleap can generate images based on user text
  • GIF and video creation: Photoleap supports users to create GIF and video formats

Photoleap App

Photoleap currently provides a mobile app for the iOS system. If you are interested, you can download and use it in the App Store.

Photoleap Pricing

Photoleap offers a 7-day free trial for new users, after which it costs $3.33 per month.


Can I cancel my plan in Photoleap?

Yes, in Photoleap you can cancel your paid service at any time.

Can android use Photoleap?

No, Photoleap only supports iOS system.

What is the price of Photoleap?

It costs $3.33 per month to use Photoleap.

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