Maskr AI: Your Best AI Photography Tool

What is Maskr AI?

Maskr AI is a smart tool that can help you take pictures and swap the images of faces and stars in the photos. AI’s powerful photography and image processing functions can help you take the photos and effects you want. Want to take a photo with your favorite celebrity but have no chance? No problem, Maskr AI helps you create this opportunity!

Price: Starting Free
Tag: AI Photography
Release time: 2023
Developer(s): Maskr AI

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Maskr AI Functions

  • Automated facial recognition for photos, switching images seamlessly.
  • Ability to change your own photo to look like another celebrity.
  • Has a huge database for users to choose from.
  • Simplified operation, easy to use.

Maskr AI App

Maskr AI provides a web version for users to use.

Maskr AI Pricing

The first ten photos of Maskr AI are free, and you need to pay $7.5 for subsequent use of 125 photos.


Is it free?

Yes, Maskr AI has a free mode, but subsequent use requires a certain fee.

What is Maskr AI?

Maskr AI is an AI that can help you replace images in photos with images of celebrities.

When did it released?

It is released in 2023.

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