Invoke Ai: Professional Ai Image Generation Tool

What is Invoke ai?

Invoke ai is an AI art generation tool in GitHub that can convert text into images or regenerate images into new images. It can help users use AI to generate desired images from text or code, and Invoke ai systematizes the command line interface The optimization makes the user’s access easier and faster. Invoke ai also has a standardized standard canvas, so that the created works can be applied to any website. Invoke ai can also intelligently repair portraits, restore damaged facial information and zoom in losslessly.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI image production
Developer(s): Invoke ai

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Invoke ai Functions

  • Invoke ai provides a web server with local storage and a react front end, and can be adapted for any mobile device and tablet.
  • Invoke ai has the function of advanced prompting syntax, allowing users to make standard adjustments to their own code.
  • Invoke ai provides users with a convenient and versatile command line interface that provides the full set of features available in the tool.
  • Invoke ai supports the modeling of ckpt and diffusers, and has upgraded the facial restoration tool.

Invoke ai App

Invoke ai currently does not have a mobile app, only a web version. If you are interested in this software, you can also go to the Invoke ai website to experience its powerful functions.

Invoke ai Pricing

Invoke ai is available for free, but some features may require subscription fees or in-app purchases, the following are its subscription purchase fees:






$0per month

$3.67per user/month

$19.25per user/month


  • Unlimited public/ private repositories
  • Automatic security and version updates
  • 2,000 CI/CD minutes/month
  • 500MB of Packages storage
  • Free for public repositories
  • New issues & projects (in limited beta)
  •  Community support
  • Access to GitHub Codespaces
  • Protected branches
  • Multiple reviewers in pull requests
  • Draft pull requests
  • Code owners
  • Required reviewers
  • Pages and Wikis
  • Enterprise Managed Users
  • User provisioning through SCIM
  • Enterprise Account to centrally manage
  • multiple organizations
  • Environment protection rules
  • Audit Log API
  • SOC1, SOC2, type 2 reports annually
  • FedRAMP Tailored Authority to Operate
  • (ATO)
  • SAML single sign-on
  • Advanced auditing
  • GitHub Connect


Is Invoke ai free?

Invoke ai has packages for users to use, and customers can purchase packages on demand.

Do I need a coding foundation to use Invoke ai?

Yes, users can code themselves in Invoke ai to achieve the desired functions.

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