Image Mixer: Intelligent Image Blending Website

What is Image Mixer?

Image Mixer is a stable diffusion image change model created by Justin Pinkney in 2022. This website mainly allows users to input multiple pictures, which can be synthesized to generate new pictures under the running of the program, and can be input while inputting photos Text description to generate photos that are more in line with user descriptions. The model was trained on a subset of LAION Improved Aesthetics at 640×640 resolution and 8xA100 GPUs on Lambda GPU Cloud.

Price: Free
Tag: Intelligent image blending website
Release time: 2022
Developer(s): Image Mixer

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Image Mixer Functions

  • Smart creation: Image Mixer allows users to input multiple different photos to generate composite photos.
  • Convenient and interesting: different pictures can be created.

How to Use Image Mixer?

There is no need to log in and register when using Image Mixer. You can directly enter the Image Mixer website, enter the photos you want to upload, text descriptions, etc. to generate new photos.

Image Mixer APP

Currently, Image Mixer provides a web version that allows users to use it online. You can go to the Image Mixer website to create avatars.

Image Mixer Pricing

Image Mixer is free of charge, and anyone can enter the website for image synthesis.


How many photos can Image Mixer input at the same time?

How many are not clear, but I usually input 5, no problem at all.

Image Mixer create a picture that fits the description?

It fits great and is super fun, I composited a photo of my two cats and it fits perfectly.

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