Face 26: The Best AI Assistant for Photos

What is Face 26?

Face 26 is an AI tool that improves, enhances and fixes your photos or pictures. Face AI can quickly transform your old photos into high-definition images or vivid color photos, and it does not require you to have professional photo editing capabilities. Face 26 has been trained on 2 million high-resolution images, with extremely strong performance and extremely high effects, making your pictures look brand new!

Price: Starting Free
Tag: AI photograph
Release time: None
Developer(s): Face 26

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Face 26 Function

  • Enhance and fix your photo images.
  • Can convert your photos into higher resolution and clearer.
  • Easy to operate, no need for professional photo editing skills.
  • Convert black and white photos to color photos.

Face 26 App

Face 26 has two modes: web version and mobile terminal. You can go to the official website to learn more about it. Users can download the Face 26 mobile app from the official website or App Store/Google Play.

Face 26 Pricing

Currently Face 26 provides a free version for users to use.


What is Face 26?

Face 26 is an AI that can help you enhance, edit, fix photos.

Can I use it on my phone?

Yes, Face 26 has a mobile app.

Can it restore old photos?

Yes, Face 26 can not only restore old photos, but also convert black and white photos into color photos.

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