Aiart fm:Free And Easy-To-Use Online AI Image Generator

What is Aiart-fm?

Aiart-fm is an online AI image generator, which can automatically generate psychedelic AI images according to text prompts. The page of Aiart-fm is very simple and easy to operate. The user needs to enter keywords or a short text description in the prompt box, and select the aspect ratio of the picture, and wait a moment for Aiart-fm to generate a complete image. Aiart-fm allows users to use AI technology to generate extraordinary works of art, helping users unleash their unlimited creativity.

Price: Free
Tag: AI image generator
Developer(s): Aiart-fm

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Aiart-fm Functions

  • Generate images: Aiart-fm can automatically generate various psychedelic and colorful AI images according to the keywords entered by users
  • Provide multiple picture ratios: Aiart-fm allows users to choose pictures with different aspect ratios, including 2:3, 1:1, 3:2
  • Simple interface: The interface on the Aiart-fm website is very simple, easy to use, and very user-friendly
  • Fast speed: Aiart-fm can generate a complete picture according to the text prompt in a few seconds

Aiart-fm App

Aiart-fm only provides a web version for users to use online, if you also want to create unique AI pictures, then quickly enter the Aiart-fm website!

Aiart-fm Pricing

Aiart-fm is free, and all users can generate their favorite AI images through Aiart-fm.


How many aspect ratios does Aiart-fm allow users to choose?

Aiart-fm allows users to choose three aspect ratios, namely 2:3, 1:1, and 3:2.

Is Aiart-fm free?

Yes, Aiart-fm is completely free.

What are the characteristics of the pictures generated by Aiart-fm?

The image style generated by Aiart-fm is more psychedelic, with blurred colors.

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