88stacks:Using AI Technology To Create A Unique Brand Image

What is 88stacks?

88stacks is an online AI tool developed by Emad Mostaque that allows businesses to create high-quality images that align with their brand image and characteristics, thus enhancing brand promotion and increasing brand awareness. The images produced by 88stacks are not only tailored to the brand’s unique characteristics but also striking and imaginative. They are uniquely customized for each enterprise, ensuring that users don’t have to worry about copyright infringement. Furthermore, the platform offers various images related to current events and popular culture, aiding businesses in reaching a broader audience and boosting their brand popularity.

Price: Starting $10
Tag: AI Branding
Developer(s): 88stacks

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88stacks Functions

  • 88stacks is able to automatically create images that match the user’s brand image and message
  • The images created by 88stacks are both on-topic and vivid
  • 88stacks provides users with a large number of images related to current events and popular culture, helping users to gain attention faster
  • 88stacks can provide users with ready-made pictures without the need for users to do it themselves
  • 88stacks customizes pictures according to the user’s brand, all pictures are original

88stacks App

88stacks provides users with a web version that allows users to use it online. You can enter the 88stacks website to experience its functions.

88stacks Pricing

88stacks provides users with four pricing plans, please refer to the table below for details.


1 campaign

3 campaigns

10 campaigns

25 campaigns







  • Create 1 campaign
  • Generate up to 50 images
  • Create 3 campaigns
  • Generate up to 150 images
  • Create 10 campaigns
  • Generate up to 500 images

  • Create 25 campaigns
  • Generate up to 1250 images


What is 88stacks?

88stacks is an online AI tool that can create high-quality pictures based on brand image and characteristics, which is beneficial for companies to carry out brand promotion and increase brand awareness.

Who created 88stacks?

The founder of 88stacks is Emad Mostaque.

Is 88stacks free?

No, 88stacks provides paid services to users. It offers four price plans, namely $10, $25, $75, $150.

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