Ludo: AI Game Development Assistant

What is Ludo?

Ludo is an intelligent platform for game research and development launched by Tom Pigott in 2021, which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help game developers create popular games. With Ludo, users can search for any game-related content, generate new game concepts automatically, and get assistance with game development. Additionally, Ludo keeps a watchful eye on the latest game products and helps users stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the gaming market. Ludo also provides a game document, allowing users to integrate all the content from the game development process.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI Game Development Assistant
Release time: 2021
Developer(s): Ludo

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Ludo Functions

  • Ludo can use AI technology to search for any relevant games and images according to the user’s prompt.
  • Ludo can automatically update the latest released games and game themes to help users understand market trends and improve competitiveness.
  • Ludo can generate new game concepts in a few minutes, helping users to conceive and create games.
  • Ludo allows users to save all game ideas and development content in the same file.

Ludo App

Ludo currently only provides a web version, allowing users to use it online. If you are interested in it, you can enter its official website for more information.

Ludo Pricing

Ludo offers three pricing plans, free version and paid version, please refer to the table below for details.







$20/ month

$300/ month


  • 1 Seat
  • 1 Game Concept
  • 100 Favorites
  • 1 Seat
  • 5 Game Concepts
  • 500 Favorites
  • 15 Seats
  • Unlimited Game Concepts
  • Unlimited Favorites


What is Ludo?

Ludo is an AI game development assistant that can help game developers use AI technology for game development. Ludo can help users search for any game-related content, automatically generate new game concepts, and keep an eye on the latest game products to help users understand the development trend of the game market for better game development.

Who founded Ludo?

The founder of Ludo is Tom Pigott.

Does Ludo provide a mobile app?

At present, Ludo does not have a mobile app, and users can use it online on the Ludo website.

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