Inworld: AI Tools that Give Intelligence to Virtual Characters

What is Inworld?

Inworld is a creation platform, users can use it to give certain intelligence to game NPC or virtual character. Users can give the character certain actions and free dialogue functions by perfecting the character’s background story and setting the character’s personality. Using Inworld can create a virtual character that is closer to the real world, more vital and more interactive, which pushes the experience of the virtual world one step further.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI game character completer

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Inworld Functions

  • Custom Characters: Allows you to customize game NPCs and virtual characters.
  • Free dialogue: virtual characters can be given the ability to talk freely.
  • Empowering action: According to the design, your character can have a certain degree of freedom of actionSupport multiple platforms: Inwrold’s functions can be used in multiple game platforms.

Inworld App

Inworld provides a web version for users to use. If you are interested in the functions of Inworld, you can go to the official website to learn more.

Inworld Pricing

Inworld has a free version, and also provides paid services, as shown in the following table








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  • 1,000 minutes of API & integrations interaction time beyond the daily limit
  • Unlimited free interaction time in Inworld Studio & with shared Arcade characters
  • Create multiple workspaces
  • 5,000 minutes of API & integrations interaction time beyond the daily limit
  • $0.016/min thereafter
  • Unlimited free interaction time in Inworld Studio & with sharedArcade characters
  • Analytics
  • Ability to share workspaces and collaborate
  • Access to beta features
  • Custom options including pricing based on daily active users, concurrent users,interaction time, or revenue share
  • Advanced narrative & safety controls, including 4th wall features
  • Custom voices and voice cloning
  • Solutions for offline or on-device implementation
  • Integration with custom data sources & APIs
  • Premium support and SLA


What languages do Inworld characters speak?

English is currently supported, other languages are still under development.

Is it possible to create custom voices?

Yes, this part of the function is currently available.

Is it free?

Inworld has a free version.

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