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What is Zev?

Zev is a ChatBot assistant that can integrate multiple chat tools such as LINE, Telegram and Viber, allowing users to access ChatGPT at a faster speed. Zev can also directly answer various questions raised by users, and can also save the chat history when the chat is interrupted, so that the same topic can be continued next time. Zev can switch between multiple roles such as chef, writer, coach, etc., bringing users a good dialogue experience.

Price: $10
Tag: AI ChatBot
Release time: None
Developer(s): Zev

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Zev Features

  • Zev can support integration with many popular instant messaging applications such as LINE and Viber, allowing users to quickly access ChatGPT
  • Zev can answer certain question queries from users by itself
  • Zev uses AI technology to track what users frequently search for or use, and provide users with personalized content
  • Zev can completely save the user’s chat history
  • Zev can switch between different roles, and can provide users with creative ideas based on different roles
  • Zev supports Telegram’s group chat function, each group can accommodate up to 50 people

Zev Online

Zev allows users to use it online. If you are interested in it, you can enter the Zev website to learn more.

Zev Pricing

Zev offers a free trial period, after which a monthly subscription is required for $10.


What is Zev?

Zev is a chat robot assistant that integrates multiple chat tools to help users access ChatGPT at a faster speed.

Is Zev free?

No, it is paid, but it offers a free trial period.

Can Zev be used with friends?

Yes, Zev supports Telegram’s group chat function, you can chat with your friends.

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