Typingmind: AI Chatbot That Supports Voice Input

What is Typingmind?

Typingmind is an online AI chat robot based on GPT-3.5. In addition to answering users’ questions like a general chat robot, it also has one of the biggest features, that is, it supports voice input. Users can input questions in the form of voice, which is very user-friendly. Typingmind also supports users to search chat records without logging in. It is able to provide a better UI for ChatGPT, provide users with faster response speed, and users only need to enter their OpenAI API key to start using.

Price: Free
Tag: AI chatbot
Release time: Unknown
Developer(s): Typingmind

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Typingmind Functions

  • Typingmind acts as a chatbot that answers users’ questions.
  • Typingmind allows users to input questions by voice.
  • Typingmind can save chat history and also allows users to search chat history.
  • Typingmind supports integration with multiple tools.
  • Typingmind can provide a better UI for ChatGPT.
  • Typingmind responds promptly and processes quickly.

Typingmind App

Typingmind provides users with a web version that allows users to use it online. If you also want to chat with robots through voice input, then go to the Typingmind website now!

Typingmind Pricing

Typingmind is free, it does not charge any fees, and is freely available to all users.


What is Typingmind?

Typingmind is an online AI chatbot based on GPT-3.5, which can answer users’ questions and also supports user voice input.

What is the biggest feature of Typingmind?

Compared with ordinary chatbots, the biggest feature of Typingmind is that it supports voice input.

Is Typingmind free?

Yes, Typingmind does not charge any fees.

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