TLDR-bot: AI Bot for Discord Conversation Summaries

What is TLDR-bot?

TLDR-bot is an AI tool that can summarize conversations on Discord. It can generate a TLDR bot in the user’s Discord conversation, which can summarize the conversation in the user’s Discord box, preventing the user from missing important information. Users can perform simple operations through the /tldr command. TLDR-bot keeps Discord conversations time-sensitive for a long time, allowing users to learn important information at any time.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI robot
Developer(s): TLDR-bot

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TLDR-bot Functions

  • Generate AI tool: TLDR-bot can generate an AI tool in the user’s Discord.
  • Easy to use: users can invoke TLDR-bot through the /tldr command.
  • Summarize content: TLDR-bot can summarize content in user Discord conversations.
  • Prevent missing important information: TLDR-bot can help users grab important information.

TLDR-bot App

TLDR-bot currently does not have a mobile terminal, it provides a web version for users to use. If you are also interested in it, you can go to the official website to learn more.

TLDR-bot Pricing

The first 20 uses of TLDR-bot are free, and each subsequent use needs to pay $0.02.


What is TLDR-bot?

TLDR-bot is an AI tool that helps users summarize conversations in Discord.

Is TLDR-bot free?

Only the first 20 uses are free.

Can I use it in other software?

No, TLDR-bot only works in Discord.

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