Send-Gpt-Via-Email: One-Click Extension To Share Chatgpt Chat Records

What is Send-gpt-via-email?

Send-gpt-via-email is a Google Chrome extension based on AI artificial intelligence, which can send ChatGPT chat records to user mailboxes by email. The use of Send-gpt-via-email is very simple, just select the ChatGPT chat record that the user wants to share, click the “Send GPT by Email” button, and then select the contact you want to send to share the chat record.

Price: Free
Tag: Send AI chat records
Developer(s): Send-gpt-via-email

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Send-gpt-via-email Functions

  • Email conversations with ChatGPT to anyone’s mailbox.
  • Simple operation, just select the conversation, select the contact, and click send.
  • Send-gpt-via-email can permanently save the conversation record with ChatGPT, and the record can be retrieved anytime and anywhere.

Send-gpt-via-email APP

Send-gpt-via-email currently does not have a mobile app, only an extension version of the Google Chat browser, which users can download in the Chrome app store.

Send-gpt-via-email Pricing

Send-gpt-via-email is available for free.


Is Send-gpt-via-email free?

Send-gpt-via-email allows users to download for free.

What channel does Send-gpt-via-email send chat records through?

Send-gpt-via-email sends the chat history to the user via email.

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