Libraria:An AI Assistant That Always Works Based On The Latest News

What is Libraria?

Libraria is an online AI platform that allows users to create, manage and embed their own AI assistants. Users can import or synchronize documents to the Libraria platform, create their own AI assistants based on the documents, and ask the assistants relevant questions. It can help users search for information, summarize information, or complete other automated tasks, and it can always keep up-to-date with the URL to ensure that the AI ​​​​assistant’s work is based on the latest news. Libraria also offers a feedback feature, so Libraria’s AI assistant can continue to improve over time and with user feedback.

Price: Starting free
Tag: Multifunctional AI Assistant
Developer(s): Libraria

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Libraria Functions

  • Chat View: Libraria can provide users with a simple and easy-to-use chat interface.
  • Information summary: Libraria can help users summarize important information from long articles.
  • Information pooling: Libraria allows users to create a knowledge base in seconds, helping team members stay on the same page with real information.
  • Support for multiple AI assistants: Libraria allows users to create multiple AI assistants in one place.
  • Continuous update: Libraria automatically synchronizes with the user’s resources to ensure that the work of the AI assistant is based on the latest information.
  • Various output: Libraria not only outputs text content, but also includes images, codes, styles and other content.

Libraria App

Libraria provides a web version that allows users to use it online. If you want to introduce AI into your work, you can enter the Libraria website to experience its powerful functions.

Libraria Pricing

Libraria offers different prices for individuals, teams, and businesses. The pricing is very flexible, and users can choose the appropriate plan according to their needs. For details, please refer to the table below.










  • 50 free credits/month
  • 1 Personal assistant
  • Create up to 1 team and 1 assistant
  • More
  • 1,000 free credits/month
  • Create unlimited libraries and assistants
  • More
  • Plans up to 100,000 free credits per month
  • Check in call with Libraria team once a month
  • More


What is Libraria?

Libraria is an online AI platform that allows users to create, manage and embed their own AI assistants.

Is Libraria free to use?

Sure! Libraria’s Personal plan is completely free.

How many AI assistants can be created simultaneously using Libraria?

Users can use Libraria to create more than one AI assistant at the same time, and Libraria allows multiple AI assistants to work at the same time.

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