Juji: AI Chatbot with Cognitive Functions

What is Juji?

Juji is an AI chatbot with human-like cognitive abilities created by Huahai. Compared with traditional robots, Juji has advanced human soft skills-cognitive intelligence can better understand the user’s emotions and emotions during the conversation, such as actively listening and providing suggestions, which shows the relationship between artificial intelligence and users. The possibility of emotional communication overcomes the rigidity and hardening of mechanical chat, and through dialogue with users, it can understand each user more deeply, so as to provide you with a better experience and a more humanized cognitive artificial intelligence assistant.

Price: Free
Tag: AI Chatbot
Developer(s): Juji

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Juji Functions

  • Strong empathy: Juji can actively listen to users’ troubles and automatically perform complex emotional interactions; at the same time, it will shape the unique personality of users through dialogue, thereby establishing a more harmonious relationship with empathy.
  • Personalized guidance: Juji can automatically infer the user’s psychological situation, including the user’s personality characteristics, etc., from the dialogue text through reading.
  • Establish a psychological connection with users: Cognitive artificial intelligence has no bias in human nature, and it establishes a real connection with users from an objective standpoint, which provides users with psychological safety.
  • Support for customization: Juji allows users to customize their own requirements and personality cognitive artificial intelligence assistant without code. It provides users with an intuitive user interface, and the operation is simple and fast.
  • High flexibility: you can flexibly Choose the best way to work with AI, such as running on-premises, in the cloud, or integrating AI with other applications.
  • Improve service in real time: The human team behind Juji can understand the problems of Juji and improve the service of the robot in time.

Juji App

Juji is for online use only, no mobile app is available. If you are interested in it, you can enter the Juji website to experience its powerful functions.

Juji Pricing

Juji is free and it provides free service to all users.


Is Juji free to use?

Yes, it is free for anyone with a registered login.

Can I keep my information safe while using Juji?

Absolutely safe, this is just a private conversation between you and the robot, we will not share it with any third party.

Does customizing Juji require expertise?

No expertise required, you can create and manage custom cognitive AI assistants without coding, similar to Powerpoint or Excel.

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