Get-chunky: The Smartest AI Chatbot

What is Get-chunky?

Get-chunky is an AI chatbot, users can create their own website chatbot without code, and the operation is very simple. Get-chunky is also an interactive knowledge base, which can integrate the collected data into Slack or Microsoft Teams, which is convenient for users to find; Get-chunky is easy to use, and users can use company data such as contact information, services, etc. to train robots. make it better serve the company. Moreover, users can customize the appearance of the chatbot to match their brand and product.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI chatbot
Developer(s): Get-chunky

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Get-chunky Functions

  • Users can create a chatbot by themselves on Get-chunky, and no code is required, and the operation is simple.
  • Users can insert Get-chunky into the website they are browsing, and Get-chunky can act as a website chatbot, and users can ask any questions.
  • Users can train Get-chunky according to the company’s data, and when working in the company team, they can act as team assistants and improve work efficiency.
  • Users can customize the appearance of the Get-chunky chatbot to match your website’s branding.

Get-chunky App

Get-chunky currently does not have a mobile app, only a web version. If you are interested in this software, you can also go to the Get-chunky website to experience its powerful functions, just log in and use it.

Get-chunky Pricing

The service provided by Get-chunky is not free, but the tool currently offers a free trial, and some functions may require subscription payment. Get-chunky provides users with three subscription plans, and users can purchase according to their needs:


Free forever










  • 1 agent
  •  100 messages
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Personal onboarding
  • 3 agent
  • 10.000 messages
  •  Analytics Dashboard
  •  Personal onboarding
  • 1 agent
  • 2.500 messages
  •  Analytics Dashboard
  • Personal onboarding
  • 1 agent
  • 1.000 messages
  •  Analytics Dashboard
  •  Personal onboarding


Can I change the appearance of my bot?

Sure, you can change the name, icon and color of the chat window to match your website’s branding.

Is Get-chunky free?

Get-chunky is not free, but the tool offers a free trial.

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