Frank-Ai: Powerful Ai Chat Software

What is Frank-ai?

Frank-ai is an AI chat software that integrates many functions such as exam review, image generation, email writing, network search, book summary, brainstorming, etc. Users can ask Frank-ai any questions according to the above prompt words, Frank-ai It will provide the user with the answer they want in a few seconds. If they are not satisfied with the answer, they can also point out the problem, and Frank-ai can change or rewrite the answer for this problem. Frank-ai also has a communication community with a large number of users, in which users can communicate at will and discuss topics of interest to each other.

Price: Free
Tag: AI chatbot
Developer(s): Frank-ai

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Frank-ai Functions

  • Frank-ai can help users find any information and write, summarize and generate text in seconds.
  • Frank-ai can generate pictures through keywords entered by users.
  • Frank-ai has many tips for users to refer to, such as: exams, mail, search, programming, etc.
  • Frank-ai has a huge user communication community, where users can chat with each other to explore problems.

Frank-ai APP

Frank-ai currently has a mobile app and a web version, suitable for Android and iOS systems. If you are interested in this software, you can also go to the Frank-ai website to experience its powerful functions.

Frank-ai Pricing

Frank-ai is available for free, and you can use this tool after logging in.


Is Frank-ai free?

Frank-ai is free.

Can Frank-ai generate pictures?

Frank-ai can automatically generate corresponding pictures according to the keywords entered by users.

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