Ernie Bot:China's Local Version of ChatGPT

ChatGPT promoted AI to the world at a tsunami-like speed, and it exceeded 100 million users in just two months after its release. However, OpenAI does not support ChatGPT and other OpenAI services in China. China has the largest Internet market in the world, and AI products similar to ChatGPT will definitely be born. Baidu, a local AI company in China, announced in 2018 that it wants to be All in AI. On February 7, 2023, Baidu publicly stated that it will open its AI chatbot to the public in March,and the Chatbot will be named Ernie Bot.


What is Ernie Bot?

Ernie Bot is a conversational AI chatbot developed by Baidu. Its functions are consistent with ChatGPT, and it has all natural language processing capabilities, such as conversational chat, online live answering questions, writing articles, writing codes, etc.

On March 16, 2023, Robin Li, founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, released Ernie Bot in Beijing. Compared with other similar products, Ernie Bot supports multi-modal content output in the first version. In the Demo of its press conference, you can see that Ernie Bot supports text-to-text, text-to-voice, text-to- Image, text-to-video and other formats of content output, from the results of the actual participation in internal testing, currently supports text-to-text and text-to-image two text output results.

Baidu also announced plans to integrate a number of mainstream businesses with Wenxinyiyan, including search, cloud services, autonomous driving and smart hardware. At the press conference, Baidu announced that there are 70,000 companies waiting in line to access Ernie Bot’s services.

As the largest search engine in China, Baidu has invested heavily in the field of AI and has continued to cultivate for more than 10 years. It has comprehensively deployed applications including the underlying chip, the deep learning framework of the flying paddle, the Ernie model, and applications. The ability of Ernie Bot is full of expectations, and whether it can compete with ChatGPT is also the focus of the AI field.

Price: Free
Tags: AI chatbot
Release time: Mar 2023
Developer: Baidu

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Ernie Bot's Function

  • Live chat online.
  • Multi-modal content generation (audio, video, the actual test already supports the generation of text and pictures).
  • AI intelligent creation.
  • Text summarization.
  • Online real-time. interactive Q&A
  • Emotion analysis.
  • Information extraction.
  • Text match.
  • Text error correction.

How to Use Ernie Bot?

Ernie Bot  was opened to the public from March 16, 2023. You need to apply for an activation code. You can click here to apply for the Ernie Bot activation code.

Ernie Bot Pricing

Baidu did not announce the price information at the Ernie Bot press conference, and users who have obtained the internal test are free to use it.

Ernie Bot's Account

The Ernie Bot account has not yet been developed and registered. Those who participate in the closed beta application need to register for a Baidu account. According to the previous account registration process of ChatGPT, the Ernie Bot account should be consistent with the Baidu account.

Ernie Bot's APP

There is no information about the Ernie Bot APP now, please refer to it after the official release of information in March 2023.

Ernie Bot VS ChatGPT

As the Chinese version of ChatGPT, They will continue to be compared by the public and the media. I believe this AI competition without gunpowder will be very exciting, and we will sort out relevant information in detail after Ernie Bot is released.

Ernie Bot Technical principle (Quote Baidu Official Introduction)

Ernie Bot uses the NLP pre-training model. In ERNIE 3.0, a multi-paradigm unified large-scale pre-training framework is proposed. Based on this framework, ERNIE 3.0 integrates an autoregressive network and autoencoder network. At the same time, due to large-scale knowledge The introduction of graph data enables the model to achieve excellent performance in understanding tasks, generation tasks, zero-sample learning tasks, and common sense reasoning tasks. The basic framework is shown in the figure below, and the core features are multi-paradigm unified training and general knowledge text prediction:

For more information, please refer to Ernie Bot Paper



Can Ernie Bot be used?

It is not available yet, and it is still under development. According to the official announcement, Ernie Bot will be released in March.

What functions can Ernie Bot achieve?

Ernie Bot can handle various natural language understanding and generation tasks such as AI creation, summary generation, question answering, semantic retrieval, sentiment analysis, information extraction, text matching, and text error correction.

Can Ernie Bot beat ChatGPT?

Ernie Bot has not been released yet, and its specific performance will not be known until it is released. Whether it can defeat ChatGPT still needs to wait.

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